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Welcome! Check out our new low price for the Quick Gear 2.0 gear software.
The Quick Gear 2.0 software features single gear, gear pair, reverse engineering of unknown gears and more. You can download Quick Gear and try out all of the features by clicking the download link below.

Quick Gear main screen
Click image for larger view

Single gear calculations
*Measurement over or between pins
*Pin contact diameters
*Span measurement
*Circular tooth thickness or Space width
*Chordal tooth thicknesses or Space Width
*Outside diameters
*Root diameters
*Gear quality tolerances per AGMA 2000
*Tooth thickness tolerances per AGMA 2000
*Test Radius for test and master gears
*And much more!
New - Gear Pair Calculations
*Calculations for standard and non-standard center distance gears
*Enlarged or reduced / profile shifted gears
*Automatic enlargement recommendations
*Automatic checks for undercut, negative backlash, interference etc.
*Start of active profiles (SAP)
*Contact ratio
*Operating Pressure angles and Involute roll angles
*and much More

New - Reverse Engineering of unknown gears and splines
*By taking just a few measurements from the unknown gear,
Quick Gear will help you to determine the gears diametral pitch,
pressure angle, base pitch, circular tooth thickness and more.
Please click the download Quick Gear 2.0 link to get a free 30 day
full featured evaluation.

Download Quick Gear 2.0


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